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01.03.2002 LUBTYPE is owned by WEARCHECK now.
The lubricant software LUBTYPE is owned by WEARCHECK GmbH, Brannenburg, now. It is planned to use the program as a web based tool for their customers in future.
01.01.1998 Tribosoft goes online.
We started our activities in the World Wide Web.Our domain: There we give information about our products, demo software and infomations about the field of tribology and lubrication.
01.06.1997 Viscosity Manager 2.0
The new release of the Viscosity Manager starts. More features, better usability. Now you can create VT diagrams within a minute.
01.01.1997 LUBTYPE 1.0
LUBTYPE - an electronical lubricant databese - starts. The database contains more than 6.000 product entries.
01.06.1995 Viscosity Manager 1.0
Release 1.0 of the software for calcuation of lubricant data starts.The software written by a lubricant consultant engineer will be provided by WEARCHECK GmbH, Brannenburg, Germany.

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